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I am modeling maize under three irrigation treatments in AquaCrop-OS (Matlab). Previously, I performed the simulations in AquaCrop Version 6.1. I modified the crop input file of AquaCrop-OS to use the same parameters that were used in AquaCrop. After running the simulations, I found some differences between the results of AquaCrop-OS and AquaCrop v6.1 for the deficit irrigation treatments.

Please see attached the crop input files that were used to run the simulations in AquaCrop-OS and Aquacrop v6.1. I underlined the parameters that were modified in the input file. Could you please review them?

Hi @ucholula,

In order to help you i will need:

  1. All input files used for windows AquaCrop.
  2. All input files used for AquaCropOS.
  3. Some information on the magnitude difference between the two models.

Small diferences between the two are expected given that the source code for AquaCrop windows is unavailable.


Thanks. I’ll take a look but just to let you know it may take some time to diagnose it as it can take a while to compare all the output files etc.

If this is a time pressure issue then I would suggest you compare both of the growth daily output files and find out which variables are the same and which differ between the models. For example, harvest index, rooting depth, etc.

Given that the biggest deviations occur for high stress scenarios, I would start by comparing irrigation schedules and water stress responses.


Thanks Tom. I will compare the output files of both simulations.

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Hi Tom,

I compared the outputs of both models and I was able to identify some discrepancies. I realized that the changes that I made to the crop input file of AquaCrop-OS to match AquaCrop’s crop input file caused some errors in the simulation. I modified the shape factors describing water stress effects on canopy expansion, stomatal control, canopy senescence, and pollination because the values in the example crop input file of AquaCrop-OS were different than the default values used in AquaCrop’s crop input file.

Is possible that the description of the parameters in the example crop input file of AquaCrop-OS does not correspond to the value. Could you please clarify this?

Also, I understand that the shape factor describing water stress effects on canopy pollination should be zero since the function is linear.

Please see attached the screenshots of the parameters that are different between the AquaCrop’s crop input file and the example crop input file of AquaCrop-OS. The values underlined with the same color correspond to the same description.

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@tom,hi Where can I download the MATALB version code

Hi @Will

It’s at

It will eventually move to GitHub but it is there for now