Error while investigation irrigation with constant depth

Hello, I try to investigate how the quality of the irrigation strategy with constant depth but whenever I specify depth the final yield and seasonal irrigation is still zero. I looked over the code for AquaCrop and found that the allowalbe keys in the IrrMangagemntClass did not include depth i.e.

if IrrMethod == 5:
self.depth = 0

    allowed_keys = {'name','WetSurf','AppEff','MaxIrr','MaxIrrSeason','SMT','IrrInterval','NetIrrSMT','Schedule'}

    self.__dict__.update((k, v) for k, v in kwargs.items() if k in allowed_keys)

Is this a error in the original code or why is it not working?

Hi @tildebengtsson

Yes this appears to be a mistake. An easy work around which i have been using (hence why i havent seen this mistake) is specifying the depth after the model has been initialized:

model.ParamStruct.IrrMngt.depth = depth 

Try that for now and i will include this edit in the next update