How to get Wr(FC), Wr(Sto), Wr(PWP)


Thanks for the awesome AquaCrop-OSPy package!

The outputs of the AquaCrop windows executable include things like: WPet, WC(1.20), Wr(1.00), Wr(SAT), Wr(FC), Wr(exp), Wr(sto), Wr(sen), Wr(PWP) etc.

Is there a way to get those outputs from AquaCrop-OSPy as well?

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Hi @chmalathounis

It is in the pipeline to add these outputs but i cant tell you exactly when that will be as there are other things we are currently working on. Feel free to add a pull request on github if you are able to which would definitely speed things up


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Hello @tom, I have submitted a PR that adds the WrS, WrFC, WrWP, WrDry, WrAer in the water_flux outputs. However, as I wrote in the PR, I do not understand which of the above are the Aquacrop exe’s Wr(sto), Wr(PWP) etc. In other words I cant understand the correspondence between the Aquacrop exe Wr measurements and the Aquacrop-OSPy Wr measurements. Could you help me with mapping them?