IndexError: index -1 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 0

Hi everyone,

Has anyone faced such an error while running Aquacrop-OSPy?

–> 885 assert GDDcum.values[-1] > crop.Maturity, f"not enough growing degree days in simulation ({GDDcum.values[-1]}) to reach maturity ({crop.Maturity})"

I am modeling spring wheat (100 day crop).

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sadla

It looks like you are running in GDD mode, is this correct ?. Essentially I put in a failsafe originally so that there needed to be enough GDDs in you weather file to reach crop maturity. I plan to remove this but you should be able to run the model in calendar day mode without issue.

I have also encountered this issue sometimes if there is a mistake in my simulation dates or planting dates