Is it possible to calculate ET0 data in AquaCROP-OS?


With the AquaCROP desktop version, I understand it is not mandatory to upload the ET0 data. Which means the AquaCROP will calculate the ET0 based on the imported datasets, such as Tmin, Tmax, Tmean, Sunshine duration, wind speed, rainfall. Even if some of these are missing the desktop AquaCROP version could still estimate ET0 values based on the geographic location.

Is there a possibility to do the same in the AquaCROP python version ? or is it a must to incorporate the ET0 in my weather dataframe at all times ? I am aware there are other python packages which calculate ET0 even with some missing data. But it will be great if the AquaCROP-OS enables users to do the same, enhancing its robustness and reducing the hassle.

Regards !


Hi @Ade

The answer is nearly…

I am currently building off of an old library ‘pyeto’ so we can do exactly this:

I still have a little bit of work to make it more user friendly but yes the idea is to incorperate this library so users do not have to have eto already calculated.