Mistakes in Pedotransfer function

Hi, it seems like there are several mistakes in Saxton & Rawls formulas in classes.py (original function is here https://doi.org/10.2136/sssaj2005.0117):

  • Line 381: Pred_thFC = ( -(0.0251*Sand) +... It should be ( -(0.251*Sand), so remove one zero

  • Line 387: Pred_thS33 = ( (0.0278*Sand) +... It should be ( (0.278*Sand), so remove one zero

  • Line 389: Pred_thS33 = ....+(0.584*Sand*Clay) + 0.078 ) It should be -(0.584*Sand*Clay) + 0.078 ), so change + to - in the beginning

Besides, in classes.py line 1292: comp_mid is not a pd dataframe so iloc is not working. I suggest: idx = np.where(comp_mid>=InitCond.zGW)[0][0]

Hi @omialyk

Thanks for this. I am working on the next updates today so will take a look at this and get back to you


Hi @omialyk

Your corrections to the pedotransfer functions have now been made. I have also double checked that they now give the same hydraulic properties (<1% difference) as (https://hrsl.ba.ars.usda.gov/soilwater/Index.htm) which is cited in the reference manual.

Your other change has been made to initialize.py.

These changes will be uploaded today in the next update.

Thanks a lot for these comments it is much appreciated.