Updates for the next verison

  • Give an option to activate fallow period (changes in core.py: add it to init() and read_clock_paramaters())
  • Give an option to use a custom CO2 scenario (needed for different climatic projections)

I will add further suggestions to the comments of this Topic.

Hi @omialyk

Thanks for these ideas. You second idea is possible by passing the “co2conc” argument into the AquaCropModel object. I believe I do this in tutorial notebook 4.


Hi @tom, co2conc in current implementation is a constant value. What I meant is to pass a new time-series instead of MaunaLoaCO2.txt (for example to run 2021-2100 crop production).

I found another issue with the code in solution.py: line 296. Instead of for ii in range(compi): it should be for ii in range(compi+1):, so you need to add +1. Example: in python if compi = 1, iteration would go only one time with ii = 0, but we need to have it twice with ii = 0 and ii = 1 (as in MATLAB). Because of this, the second compartment (ii = 1) will have thfcAdj = 0, which leads to miscalculation of water balance and hence everything else. If you need more explanations, reach me by email :slight_smile: