Yield results are not similar for multi-layered custom soil between AquaCrop-Desktop & AquaCrop-OS Py


I am creating a custom soil (multi-layered) in AquaCrop-OSPy and running the simulation for WheatGDD and Tunis climate (built-in weather file). I compared the yield with AquaCrop-Desktop but the results are not similar. The results for standard soil classes and single-layered soil are almost similar between desktop and OSPy versions. Need help with simulation including multilayered soil. Following are the screenshots from standard soil, single layered and multi-layered custom soil.


Now here are the results from single layered custom soil.

Here are the results from multi-layered custom soil, which are not in agreement (Desktop yield=1.896 ton/ha , OS Py = 0.076 ton/ha.

Please provide suggestions on how this issue can be fixed in AquaCrop OS Py.

Thank you!

Hi @Ali_Aj

Just two things i have thought of initially:

  1. you have accidently set the penetrability=233%. I dont know off the top of my head what this change will do but worth changing that back to 100%.
  2. On AC-windows look up the soil compartments (Initial conditions -> display/update -> program settings -> soil compartment) and check they are the same (0.19 x 12) that you have specified in AC-python


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your quick response. I fixed the penetrability to 100%. Also, adjusted the custom soil compartments according to AC-windows.

Following is the screenshot from AC-Python (yield is still off by 1.73 ton/ha):

HI Ali ,

I have also some problems like this as you mentioned and then finally solved ! would you please help me ?


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